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Hi, this is Mr. Vincent,

General Manager from SanLi Group.

# Are you the customer I am looking for?

You want to expand your current product line by importing products from China and you want to develop more new products and sell them to your destination countries and markets at a reasonable profit in the near future.

# Am I the key person you need?

A person with over 10 years of experience in Souring.
A person who has a long history of working with clients in several countries.
A person who can make you feel that importing products from China is so easy.
A person who is very familiar with the suppliers of Home Appliances, Durable Medical Equipment, Kitchenware, Gifts, Makeup Products, Pet Goods, etc…

The consultation process is completely free and only takes a minute of your time.

My team can provide you with the most suitable solution in the shortest possible time, 
All your information and requests are guaranteed.

# Why choose SanLi Sourcing Agent?

SanLi’s main goal is to help wholesalers, importers, traders, brands and so on, to find the most suitable products in Guangdong China, to provide better assistance and support, to reduce risks and difficulties encountered in the sourcing process, to control purchasing costs and thus to increase your profitability, last but not less, the more important, to work together with you to promote products which made in China available to the whole world for win-win situation.

# Why should you trust me?

I believe that money is never-ending, but cross-border friendship and trust is limited, the main one is sincere, I hope to find the right products for you, like our slogan, Find The Right One For You, Sincerely

I have a group of like-minded partners around me, they have been involved in my project, I hope to do a great job in Souring Business, leading them to get rich together!

I already have more than ten years of foreign trade experience, destined to the rest of my life’s work must be around it to continue to study, whether you work with me or not, just give us an opportunity to listen your project first, No Fee, No Charge, No Cost, All Are Free, why not?


Are you the customer I'm looking for, and am I your trusted partner?

If you have no experience of importing from China, or if you have imported products from China but don’t want to spend too much time looking for new suppliers,

Please Contact,

Guangzhou Jiaying IMP & EXP Co., Ltd

Attn: Mr. Vincent

Mobile/WhatsApp: +86-13702568450

Office Address: Foshan, Guangdong, China

Inquiry Email: sanlisourcing@gmail.com

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SanLi will help you to solve all the problems from this second!

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